The-Bull-3-300x84On my recent vacation I got thinking about dreams.  How many times have you thought, “If only that dream came true…” or, “if only I had enough money, I’d…”  Dreams are what illuminate us, what inspires us, what draws us forward.  And yet, we spend more time making excuses about our dreams than making our dreams.  Time, money, and bust/responsibilities top the list.  (You know that in the past week alone, you’ve said, “I would but I just don’t have the time” or some form of one of these excuses as a reason NOT to do something you actually really want to do!)

The-BustYou see, what I realized is, it’s up to us to MAKE our dreams come true.  A dream doesn’t just magically transpire, a dream comes true because we eliminate all excuses that stand in the way of that dream and then make it happen.  I made a little video I am sharing here, and I’d love to hear how it inspired you, and what dream you will MAKE come true next.  Just comment below.

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