The Bull 3This may seem obvious to you, but having a great marketing strategy is considered one of the key elements to running a successful business. It’s why many companies hire a digital marketing agency to help them. Unfortunately, some small business owners simply start a business, blindly delve into all sorts of marketing strategies because they heard everyone else is doing them, and then wonder why it is that they have no clients, no prospects, and no money coming in.


The BustVision is more than just eye-sight and blind marketing! If you don’t have an idea of where you want to take your business, then your business will likely bounce around with no particular mission or direction or following, until you decide to give up and do something else. And, when you do that something else, guess what? If you take the same lack of vision with you, your next business will end up with the same lack of direction. You’d be like the captain of a ship, steering the ocean and never reaching land, and you’d better have some good fishing skills if you plan on staying nourished!

In a previous post, I wrote about the power of thoughts in our lives.

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That same power of thought applies to your business! Your business itself only exists because you had an idea, and then you launched a website, got a bank account, and perhaps a legal formality around it. It was your thought that inspired your actions. So, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand that your same thoughts are necessary to steer your business towards a goal. If you don’t set goals, then you won’t have that wonderful feeling of accomplishment, but goals make a lot more sense when they are leading toward a pinnacle, then simply placed on the road like hurdles to jump over.

successSo, what’s your business vision? Vision has many layers – it’s what you want for your business itself, but it’s also what you want for your own life – what do you, personally, consider success? How will you know you’ve arrived? Vision is one of the key components of The Personality Based Marketing™ system because I believe no marketing strategy can be created without it. Understanding your vision allows you to plug into those powerful, and inspiring, thoughts that create the action you need to bring about your success. Being able to feel those thoughts also allows you to focus on something positive during those moments in your business where things aren’t quite going as planned, another bonus!

If you haven’t yet thought about your own business vision, get cracking! Often times, I find that business owners have a really huge desire to serve their community, or the world, through their business. By plugging in to that long-term vision, they are then able to take steps, today, or see how their current efforts can start feeding that vision, and it evokes a dynamic burst of motivation and excitement in their business.

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