super cowThis month, I’m focused on productivity.  Actually, on over-productivity and how it can negatively impact your success.








The Bull 3One thing I notice in myself, and in some of my clients, is the tendency to focus on create, create, create.  Hey, I LOVE creating!  A new program, a new template, a new book…the list is endless because I love creating, and like you, I am a creator.


The BustYou know what the problem is?  Sometimes we have a process that works.  We get really good at understanding our value, at talking to people about what we offer, and the amazing outcome prospects are investing in.  Our conversion rate skyrockets.  And we think, “what can I create next?”


The Bull 3And then we focus on creating.  We want to change everything, turbo charge what we do, make it bigger, better, more colorful….

But we were doing just fine.  We are increasing our clients, we are doing amazing work, more and more people want to work with us!  And we get confused, and think that this is now too easy, so we need to change something!

And when we get engrossed in change, for the sake of change, we learn that clients don’t want the new thing, because they were really happy with what they were getting.  Our “novelty” isn’t as exciting to them, as it is to us.  Because what we created, in that moment, was about OUR desire to create, and not about the CLIENT’S problem needing a solution.


The BustSometimes, it’s ok to accept that you’re doing a great job, and that some parts of your business can simply be easy.  You’re not lazy.  You’re not boring.  You are simply stepping in to mastery of what you do.  Good for you!

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