Work With Heather to Use Your Brilliance to Rev Up Your Business 

I help entrepreneurs and CEO’s make more money more quickly by aligning them with the sales and marketing strategies that best suit their personalities and their business goals.  I work well with clients that are decisive, ready to move quickly and committed to success.

We can spend a single session tackling the best way to meet an immediate need to attract more business, work on a social media promotion, assess whether your website is meeting your goals, or explore a longer-term engagement to re-design your business strategy to uplevel or pivot entirely in light of the pandemic. My goal is to maximize what you do best and infuse that into your sales and marketing planning.

If you’re ready to get your bull out of the way, uplevel your business, get a custom-fit plan, and take committed action, then set up a call to see how I can help you succeed. (Feel free to read my customer reviews.)

Please note, Heather travels full time (though is curently in New Zealand due to the pandemic). If you don’t see a time that suits your schedule, please reach out to Heather via WhatsApp to find a better appointment time.


Book a call with Heather to determine whether you’re a good fit to work together, and determine whether she can assist you with your specific needs. 

“….Over a very short time working with her, my monthly revenue has quintupled- no joke. She is so incredibly adept at cutting through what doesn’t matter and putting you on the exact right path….”
Jill Ozovek

“….I doubled my income and tripled my referral volume in the four months I worked with Heather! My close rate is an unthinkable 80%–and the doubting voices in my head are gone! ….”
Lisa Noble

You run a great business. We help you with the skills to attract more people to it.

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