It’s a new year, and this is the first blog post on my new website!  The new near always brings with it the feeling of infinite potential – a clean slate from which to begin again, put the past behind us, yadda yadda.  (By the way, if you can declare a clean slate in January, you can actually declare that same clean slate ANY time, just in case you didn’t know…. 😉 )

On a recent call with one of my clients, I had one of my epiphanies that I thought was worth sharing.  It was about money.  So many people get lost in anxiety about money – that horrible lack/not enough syndrome.  Believing that somehow there is a limited supply.  The Bull - smaller is that it’s comfortable to complain about not having enough because it’s a state that you may have been used to more than not.  And, of course you know that whatever you focus your thoughts on is what you attract – so the more you focus on the lack of money around you, the more you experience that lack.

Now, we know that common counsel would be, “just focus on abundance!”  As if it’s easy, right – your credit card debt and $7.50 bank balance glare at you, and you should just think “I am abundant” and magically, that bank balance gets bigger?


And that’s when The Brilliance hit me!  The truth is, money is all around you.  Literally, you are surrounded by money.  Don’t get it?  Let me spell it out for you.  Money is paper – have any paper nearby?  It’s made from the same stuff as money.  So if you’ve got piles of paper around you, that’s money.  Do you happen to be sitting in a chair right now?  Then you are sitting on money!  Yep your floor, your chairs, your sofa were all made from money.  And, if you’re standing in a pair of shoes or slippers, then you are standing in money!  Oh, and if you ever drink out of a glass or a can or a cup, those were all made from money.  Have any houses or buildings nearby?  Made from money.  How about a car or a bus or a train?  Money, money, money.

Money is, literally, all around you.  You’ve just been looking at it in a transformed state.

dollar sign - 200pxSo, the next time you have a hard time stepping in to being surrounded by abundance, look again.  It is everywhere and all you have to do is see it.

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